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Ihr kompletter Leitfaden zur Navigation in Harburg mit Taxi Harburg | #taxi Harburg # Taxi Service Harburg

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Lovemere Warming Lactation Massager

$48.00 (USD)

Experience the ultimate comfort and efficiency with the Lovemere Warming Lactation Massager. Designed to enhance milk flow and ease discomfort, this innovative massager features customizable heat settings and ergonomic design for optimal results. Perfect for busy moms, its portable size ensures you can enjoy a soothing massage anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to clogged ducts and hello to a more comfortable breastfeeding journey with Lovemere.

Maternity insurance provides comprehensive coverage for expecting families, encompassing prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal expenses. These specialized insurance plans offer financial security against medical costs associated with maternity, including hospitalization, maternity consultations, and newborn care.


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Scriptzol Magento 2 Quick Order Module

$49.00 (USD)

Scriptzol Magento 2 Quick Order extension becomes a comprehensive solution that helps customers deal with bulk orders with only 3 simple clicks. Simply enter the SKU or NAME, Quantity to add items to the cart and a special feature is importing products to the cart with a CSV file. The module is claimed to cut down shopping time for wholesale clients, yet it helps increase accuracy and efficiency in the bulk order placement process. As a result, most cart abandonment is eliminated while most carts are converted to real sales.

Features For Shoppers:

Quick Instant Search for Products
Add multiple products by SKUs and upload CSV files
Delete, Add, clear, Add to cart, and checkout with one click
Quick Adjust product quantity by hitting the plus/minus buttons and entering the exact number.
Access the Quick Order page easily by clicking on the Quick Order link
View product images, SKUs all items on one page
Few-click bulk purchases
Highly-customizable design

Features For Store Admin:

Display the Quick Order page to specific groups of customers
Allow/disallow displaying product images
Change the Quick Order label
Restrict the number of product search results
Change the heading background color, text color and button
24/7 Support
30 Days Free Support
Our Extensions are Easy Installation & Configuration
Our Codes are reusabilities
Our Extensions are Safe & Secure
Admin can enable/disable all facilities

Visit Our Magento Quick Order Extension -

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Top Software Development Trends to Look Out in 2024 - Scriptzol | #developer trends 2024 # Software developer outlook 2024 # Future of Software Development # New Software Development Trends 2024 # Tech industry forecast 2024 # Emerging coding languages 2024 # Developer career insights 2024 # Innovations in coding 2024 # Software engineering advancements # Programming landscape 2024

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